Wim Hof - Solari Hero of the Year 2021

Lee Floyd
Lee Floyd
24 Dec 2021

with Ulrike Granögger and Catherine Austin Fitts
An Interview with Wim Hof

We are delighted to announce an extraordinary man as our hero for an extraordinary year: Wim Hof.
Wim Hof is teaching millions how to get their power back – how to eliminate stress, inflammation, and disease, and rediscover our original power and physical strength.
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00:00 Introduction by Catherine and Ulrike
16:42 Interview with Wim Hof
50:46 Short science overview of the Wim Hof Method

Image Credits: Images from Wim Hof Facebook and Twitter | Wikipedia | Excerpts of online papers for scientific discussion. Full video of Radboud study here: https://youtu.be/Ec7xhyAvcs8

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