Whistleblower Exposed UN Deep State, and Paid With His Life

The New American
The New American
05 Apr 2022

⁣A brave whistleblower who exposed the Soviet Union's machinations within the Deep State-controlled United Nations paid with his life for his heroism, explains The New American magazine's Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. After valiantly resisting the National Socialists (Nazis), Povl (or Paul) Bang-Jensen of Denmark ended up working at the UN. While there, he worked on the UN committee investigating Soviet atrocities in Hungary. When he refused to reveal his sources to protect them, and when he started exposing the evil at the highest echelons of the UN, he was murdered in an obviously fraudulent suicide--after warning his loved ones that he would NEVER kill himself. This hero paid the ultimate price for taking on the Deep State, and he deserves to be remembered.

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