Tucker: Elon's Twitter Transaction to Nourish Free Speech "Is the "Greatest Possible

Red Voice Media
Red Voice Media
05 Apr 2022

⁣"Let's be very clear. This is not a business transaction. It's much bigger than that. Elon Musk is a massive threat to the way things are. So, by definition, it will not be long before they [start] calling him a racist; you can mark your calendar. Tonight, their democratic operatives [are] studying everything Elon Musk has ever said in public. They're preparing one of the nastiest campaigns of character assassination in memory; they have no choice but to do this. Restoring free speech to Twitter is the greatest possible threat to the people in charge. They have to control the information; if they don't, they fall."

Full Video: https://twitter.com/TPostMillennial/status/1511136576453160964?s=20&t=ZBTEn1vUMAkQVwTgZThRiA

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