LIVE: American Airlines Captain Cardiac Arrests Upon Landing 200 Onboard

Lee Floyd
Lee Floyd
21 Apr 2022

⁣On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane talks to former commercial pilot and Founder of Freedom Flyers, Josh Yoder about the American Airlines pilot, Capt. Bob Snow, who cardiac arrested upon touch down just days ago in Dallas Texas and he brings a stunning video testimony from Captain Snow from his ICU room; and UK’s Kate Shemirani, the Natural Nurse in a Toxic World to report on nurses, doctors and cops that stayed now getting sick and dropping dead from the jabs; and a later look at a federal judge who stopped the federal mask mandate on public transportation – and the Left is already trying to take her out! (Promo Code: Ruby for extra 10% off) (Promo Code: Ruby for up to 66% off) (Promo Code: Ruby)

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