Are We in the Midst of a “MASS PSYCHOSIS”? - Will & Amala LIVE

Dennis Prager
Published on 19 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics

0:00 - Scary Fauci Stores!
2:00 - Are We in the Midst of a “MASS PSYCHOSIS”?
25:56 - Interview with Erica Komisar
37:36 - Fun Friday: Answer the Internet
38:03 - President’s Cabinet
38:52 - Idols and Haters
41:58 - If You Were Black…
43:26 - Nightmare Social Situations
46:13 - If You Were the Opposite Sex…
48:39 - Are You Smarter than Christopher Columbus?
54:24 - Save Two People From Each Race
57:55 - Relive One Moment in Your Life
1:00:03 - Embarrassing for Men to Get Manicures?
1:04:18 - Worst Place to Get Caught Publicly Urinating

Will and Amala are back for fun Friday the 13th discussing America’s mass psychosis, why even atheists should teach their kids about the Bible, sharing “Scary Stories”, and answering CRAZY questions from the Internet!

Check out the pro-freedom march this Saturday in Los Angeles at 2:00 PM where Will Witt will be speaking at Los Angeles City Hall!

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Are We in the Midst of a “MASS PSYCHOSIS”?

Check Out Erica’s 5-Minute Video “Why Even Atheists Should Teach Their Children About God”:

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