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About us

Patrio.tv is a free speech video-sharing platform where content creators can broadcast livestreamed video or upload pre-recorded videos that can be offered to viewers either free or for a cost. It was created as a solution for censored YouTube, Vimeo and other content creators to share and monetize their content after seeing their content censored, demonitized, banned, algorithm'd out of searches, and outright deplatformed elsewhere.
Premium content can be pay-per-view, or subscription based. All videos can also receive tips (Patriot Points) which can be purchased or earned by viewers (or creators) and kept in a virtual wallet. Patri-X has the capability for unlimited content creators and/or clients.
PATRIO.Tv is a subsidiary of The Patriot Connection (Patri-X.com or ThePatriotConnection.com)

PRO Membership (by invitation only?)
$20/mo cost
How you Earn:
• Adverts (create your own or use existing)
• Donations
• Rental movie or video (documentary, premium content, etc.)
• Sell movies
• Get Paid Subscribers
Earn Patriot Points